The Perfect Boiled Egg, In 9 Minutes

There’s swirling debate about how to whip up a perfect boiled egg. Dozens of cookbooks all offer different and conflicting approaches and techniques on how to achieve boiled egg greatness without much reason as to why it's deemed best. From time spent cooking to the size of the pan used in the process, there’s a lot of information out there as to what method is regarded as “best practice.” We’re here to settle the debate with our two cents on the topic.


When it comes to cooking boiled eggs things can get complicated. We’re here to make it easy. With these cooking tips you’ll be on your way to egg-cellent boiled eggs, worthy of a dinner party debut or for everyday snacking.

Choosing the right pan or pot to cook with is important. We recommend choosing one that is just larger enough to hold all of the eggs you intend to prepare -- don’t go too big or opt for one that is too small.

Add water to your pot, keeping in mind that you only need enough to cover the eggs, and bring to a boil. Once you’re boiling, turn off the heat, add the eggs, cover and start your timer for nine minutes. A nine minute cook time is best for large eggs.

Avoid Overcooking
To avoid overcooking make sure that your water never passes the 180-degree mark and be sure to use a timer. After your timer goes off, give your eggs a cool bath under cool water for a few minutes.

Try Our Eggs for Yourself
You can find our nine minute egg on our menu under the salads and chilled vegetables section. It’s served in a simple dish alongside asparagus and prosciutto.

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