3 Ways to Celebrate National Meatball Day at Wally's

Wally's Meatball Sandwich.jpg

At Wally’s, we love a good food holiday, and we always think they are cause for celebration. And this month, there is one foodie holiday that we are especially excited about; National Meatball Day. Get ready to dig in, here are three ways to celebrate the meatball at Wally’s.

Famous Meatball Grinder
Join us for lunch on National Meatball Day and wrap your hands around our Famous Meatball Grinder. This craveable sandwich is piled high with melted mozzarella and San Marzano red sauce. This dish is also served with a heaping stack of perfectly-seasoned French fries.

Meatballs + Spinach
Come dinnertime, satisfy those meatball cravings with a hefty-helping of our Meatballs + Spinach pasta. This savory specialty is made with veal and pork and is complemented by traditional San Marzano red sauce, parmigiano reggiano cheese. Each one of our pasta dishes at Wally’s is handmade with durum wheat.

Kids’ Fork & Knife Meatballs
Our family of Common Ground restaurants have recently debuted a series of kid-friendly menus tailored to the style and cuisine of each of our restaurants. At Wally’s kiddos can enjoy meals such as noodles with marinara sauce, a NY-strip and of course, our kid-version of our Knife and Fork Meatballs. Each kid’s meal is $7, and is served with a drink, fries, veggies, and a treat. Parents, kids eat free from 3pm to 6pm daily with the purchase of an adult entree. Bring the kiddos in and make National Meatball Day a family affair this year.

National Meatball Day is happening on Friday, March 9. Remember to tag us in your foodie photos and #NationalMeatballDay posts.  

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